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Since the beginning, we strive to develop our company in various areas connected with construction. It means we offer not only construction service, but also electric and installation. The structures engineered by us can also be made on turn-key basis which means time and cost effectiveness - without the need of searching for other team of contractors.

We operate in the following sectors of services:
residential and development buildings
*  hotel and retail estates
*  public buildings

in the scope of residential buildings we guarantee the flats are finished as ready to move in. in this case, as in the case of public buildings we also take care about outdoor infrastructure. We perform power supply connections to the building, water and sewage water mains, parking lots and access roads.

We are also proud of the fact that, compare to other construction companies, we stand out as punctual as far as execution of our projects is concerned. The team of our experts is perfectly familiar with most modern constructional trends, at the same time being close to tradition and proven technologies. Our projects and constructions can boast not only high level of engineering but also perfect match with the surrounding landscape and urban development we combine flexible approach to each order with strict observance of the highest quality and safety standards. It has been appreciated by public institutions, individual customers and housing cooperatives we have been collaborating so far.

Our portfolio of services for residential buildings is dedicated among other to:
*  housing cooperatives
*  individual investors
developer companies
Construction of residential structures
Growing purchasing abilities of customers for residential estates on primary market are the motivation for our constant development. Each project is prepared by creative experts. Increasing customer requirements are the comprehensive test of our imagination and versatility. We are happy to be a co-creator of the landscape of Polish towns and cities. Not only do we build whole districts and blocks of flats, but also terraced houses.
We want our offer to be diversified and residential estates to be of characteristic and unique form, distinct from other residential buildings on a local market. We also strive to maintain characteristic features of architecture of a given region.

We also provide complex finishing of the surroundings of multi-family buildings so that their occupants may feel at home since the first day after moving in. we would like the residents to exercise leisure in their neighborhood. And this is the driving force behind landscape and small architecture development.

Schools and sport halls
construction of such structures as schools or sport halls is a specific task with respect to legal requirements. As these facilities play specific roles, proper approach is necessary at each construction stage. Appropriate space must be provided as well as the comfort of future building use must be guaranteed. It is important to think about pupils and school employees’ convenience. Size and number of rooms can not be duplicated in each building. So, individual investments are approached independently, with strong attention to local needs and requirements.

During many years of our operation we have gained experience which allows us to propose innovative solutions combined with the highest safety standards. We take care about selection of materials for intensive and long-term use of the buildings. At the building finishing stage we also select solutions allowing for reduction of operational costs. It mostly refers to engineering of the systems and any kind of insulation.

Public buildings ​
this kind of investments may be tricky for inexperienced construction companies. Erecting public building is often connected with short realization periods, high expectations with reference to quality and low budget. Working under such pressure ultimately reveals all defects. Also the intended of such buildings must be taken into consideration. They must serve the people which means specific design allowing for free movement also for disabled persons.

In our portfolio you can find several small and big investments of this type, hence we can guarantee completely professional performance in the area of public buildings. Our experts take care about complying with the highest safety of use, construcion and fire protection standards. As we think first about effectiveness of use, we exercise all our efforts in order to construct buildings with minimum light and heat demands.

Commercial and tourist buildings​
The area of tourist and commercial buildings is the demanding industry sector. However, we appreciate challenges and all hotels and other commercial buildings completed by us so far are recognized and provide comfort of use and unique brand to their owners on a local market. We also take care of traditional elements, typical for a given region, bearing in mind the importance of this issue in tourist industry.

One of the significant aspects in construction of hotels and tourist buildings is maintaining their acoustic properties. We strive to guarantee excellent soundproofing of rooms.
Moreover, as early as at designing stage, we stress the importance not only of external building finishing, but also of its indoor functioning, considering specific requirements of investors. As the hotel does not only mean guest rooms, but also developed technical and organizational space, we also pay attention to personnel rooms so that they could properly fulfill their tasks.